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RUConnected #70 Let's Get Started
February 21, 2014 08:29 PM PST

Jenny and Lois have just got back to school after the Summer break. In this episode they discuss getting the school blogs up and running again and the different processes that they go through.

 Different Roles on Edublogs

Jenny's Quad Blogging

Quick Links to Class Blogs at Lois's School - Berwick Lodge Primary School

RUConnected #69 Holidays and Terms of Service
January 18, 2014 03:02 PM PST

Thinking about 2014, reflecting on 2013 taking time to catch some time zones in our day.

Holiday finds

1. Google hang outs

Jerry Blumengarten on 2 guys and an iPad and his twiiterhandle is @cybraryman1 so many resources, an unreal website. Best thing is that Jerry has the authenticity and credability as he's been a teacher in schools.


#eduVue Educational Manifesto’s - interesting discussion and starring @techyturner from Phoenix.


2. EdChats

#tlap - Teach  Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess inspired chats

  • Passion
  • Immersion
  • Rapport
  • Ask and Analyze
  • Transformation
  • Enthusiasm

#edwebchat. Webinars chat - Susan Wells Mobiles and Makers, recording will be here


#ladygeeks hangouts and chat! Make sure you’re in a fun mood as these gals like to joke around.

Tony Vincent tweeted out a list of edchats telling when they are on. This is a great list to find your interests and a time you can fit in.


3. The Fluency21 planners have a huge range of currics linked to select. Check them out at


  • Solution Fluency
  • Information Fluency
  • Creativity Fluency
  • Media Fluency
  • Collaboration Fluency
  • Global Digital Citizen

4.  Big ideas series iBooks in the iTunes store

Challenge Based Learning “Big Ideas” Series Power - iBooks by Wonga Park PS, Ringwood North PS and Ringwood Secondary Challenge




5. The World Maker Faire is in New York in September. Nice! from #edwebchat

http://makerfaire.com/new-york-2013/   Sep 21st 2014

6. Discussion anout the age resitriction on websites -age 13+ opening a can of worms? For example facebook.


Some make exceptions so younger can join somehow.


Google. https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/1350409?hl=en

LinkedIn  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/10252153/LinkedIn-lowers-age-limit-to-13-in-student-push.html

4reasons under 13 should not be on sites for over 13

Common Sense Media site provides guildines.

A fairly full list of social media sites with restictions listed is here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_social_networking_websites

Cybersmart Parents: Parenting in an online world by Richie Lambert

RUConnected #68 TV or not TV
December 08, 2013 11:03 AM PST

Lois and Jenny discuss Lois' TV show that Berwick Lodge Primary are producing. Movies, anchor presenters and more. Apps/websites used - iMovie, Explain Everything, Handbrake, Vimeo.

RUConnected #67 GAFE
November 05, 2013 02:25 AM PST

Jenny and Lois discuss the following-

Teach Meet Sovereign Hill

Google Apps For Education

Why use google apps when students already have email and teachers have mailing list set up?

How can we use google apps at school in Primary school P-2?

Google sites...intranets…..whats on the intranet?  What would you use it for?

Apps and more

Mavericks over 5 GB download

iMovie in iPads not compatible with iMovie on Macbooks

Updates for everything -  apps ipads - be careful not all are compatable with each other.

WISE World Innovations Summit for Education. Wise.-Qatar.org recordings of the sessions.

Panels keynotes etc

Quicktime Player screen recording is now available, well Lois has discovered it and says its great to use on your MAc.

Australian Teacher mag app- Lois has an article! Woo hoo!

RUConnected #66 Holidays!
October 05, 2013 07:59 PM PDT

Lois and Jenny pull themselves out of holiday mode to bring you episode #66 of RUConnected.

Jenny has attended Mobile2013 in Tucson- Location.... The Westin la Paloma Tucson Arizona

Keynotes- Dean Shareski back to the basics - What really matters.

Peggy Sheahy games based learning. 3d gamelab http://3dgamelab.com - game up your classroom

People to follow on twitter that Jenny met- @iapplelearner ...Katherine Burdick @techyturner .... Rodney Turner and @tonyvincent ...Tony Vincent Jenny's Travel buddy - @missb ...Bec Spink

Ignite sessions -20 slides each for 15sec

Pechaflickr Thanks to Alan Levine. @cogdog ...20pics each for 20secs, add a topic and random pics are shown.  You have to improvise, no planning possible. Great for vocab work with students, icebreaker for staff meetings, conference warm ups etc

LOIS attended the ABC Splash FREE pd at the State Library Victoria Summary of the ABC Digital Ideas Conference

Film and Audio Tutorials

Report on film festival - blurred lines between film and digital stories 60secondscience vids are due 3 part vids - context, science exp, model, Evaluation (peer and self)

Plans for term 4

Lois- Radio shows at lunchtime, E-smart committee, Google sites, Scratch

Jenny- Programming from Bee Bots to Probots, Cargo Bot, Scratch, Hopscotch (Scratch Jr coming out) Wedo and Makey Makey - getting some basics with staff as well eg loops, procedures, sub procedures etc . Kids designing tracks setting up challenges.

UPCOMING PD SLIDE TO LEARN Sydney July 1-2 2014 Some keynotes Jonathan Nalder, Graham Brown Martin


Gippsland Hosted by Louise Van Kuyk Education Co-ordinator, Gippsland Art Gallery Sale Thursday 17 October, 4:30 to 6:30pm at Gippsland Art Gallery (68 – 70 Foster St, Sale).

Teachmeet @ Sovereign Hill Ballarat http://www.sovereignhill.com.au/education/ Saturday October 26th 2pm to 4pm hosted by Peter Beckwith @GoldfieldsEd

Teachmeet Sydney English teachers Nov 1st TM wharf Sydney http://www.teachmeet.net/teachmeet-at-the-wharf/ 4:00-6:00pm

RUConnected #65 Post #auspol
September 07, 2013 09:26 PM PDT

Lois and Jenny Chat about the latest classroom and PD happenings, some handy apps and great gadgets.

Post election - website full of Maths and stats

Booth Reviews -How did your booth rate?  Sausages or cakestall?

Conferences &PD

Invent to learn -  Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez


Website for the book

Gadgets …...beebots, MakeyMakey,  weDo


IWBnet Kathy Schrock - http://www.ipads4teaching.net/presentation-resources.html


http://www.schrockguide.net/bloomin-apps.html Bloom’s Taxonomy - Cogs Creating, Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating

21st Century learning report - Assessment of teaching of 21st Century skills

Professor Esther Care Melbourne Uni


Audacity has a new upgrade 2.04 (handy to have)

OnDemand testing has been upgraded to AusVels


Swivl  ...have you seen one? iPhone and iPad




Mix bit.  For iPhone take video mix and share add other video and create



Parallels Access

RUConnected #64 Travels and Connections
July 12, 2013 07:23 AM PDT

Jenny tells Lois about her recent trip to the UK.

-School visits

-Quad blogging........ and David Mitchell Meeting and school visit to Caton Community School


-Peeps - people Jenny met

-Dawn Hallybone - Digital Life

 Lois tells about her radio show and a new site she is making on Google Sites


apple TV pro also avail in the Apple store is a connector adapter for VGA to hdmi so you can use Apple TV on an older projector or make it easier to connect without running long cables to the projector by using an exisiting connection point.

 Scratch 2.0


Scratch for maths extension.


The online version of scratch means that student’s working space and projects are all in space. It also means that it is much easier to embed finished projects into their own or class blogs. A big improvement from the past complicated process that was required.

Apple Configurator update

Apple configurator has had a big update. Notification sounds when things are finished, Error message now displays under the yellow triangle so if app doesn’t install you know which one is the culprit. I’m still have problems with its stability.


Google sites

Great way to curate resources, checklists, schedules, calendars and share with select audience. Different pages can have different permissions

Use google forms for a checklist, copy the address so that the students can go back and update as they complete more parts of the project.

Some Nice Apps

Barefoot world atlas free (for now)

Sketches - free nice drawing app

Tinkerbox - free - thinking problem solving physics type app  - like the old Thinking Things software

The Artist Mortimer   - free digital book

Wifi Photo - free for transfering photos (thanks to Rod Hysted for finding this one)

Toca builders

RUConnected #63 Scootle from ICTEV13 to Monet
June 02, 2013 02:48 AM PDT

You can listen in the player below or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes

Lois Smethurst and Jenny Ashby discuss the following -

Jenny's visit to Shepparton High School where she had a planning day with teachers (metal work, library, auslan, literacy-writing and medieval history teachers) Work flows for each area and  creating was the focus for all subjects.

Deploying Evernote with staff.....evernote email address used for handing work into the teacher by students.

Lois  gave us an update on the blogging challenge.

TV/Radio Show - building a Google Site to hold the information - use Google forms to feed the information  into the site so that the production of the show is visible to everyone. Idea from ITMadeSimple


ICTEV Victor Steffenson the keynote,  Learning from values of the community and visual learning using film on the land.    A very interesting keynote and a webiste coming out soon with lots of videos telling stories of the land.

Scootle - looking at nationwide resources, speaking and listening checklist, different wording can suit different purposes. Learning resources found by the teacher can be made available to students through a code.

One bonus of book creator is not having to wait for compression. So good if just wanting to add audio to a pic.


TM Library...... TmMelb next Teachmeet?

July 22nd -iPads, Create is to understand at Epsom PS.  A full day with Jenny Ashby at EpsomPS

Monet at the National Gallery of Victoria Another podcast to listen to - TechExpress by Lyn Cutting and Craig Dunstan

RUConnected #62 Slide2Learn & Workflows
May 04, 2013 06:42 PM PDT

Jenny and Lois discuss what’s happening lately.  Lois has been away to Tonga and jenny attended Slide2learn in Perth.You can listen in the player below or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes

Slide to Learn has wonderful presenters and keynotes. Jane Ross' students from Jakarta created a book in iTunes about their Challenged Based Learning

Lois' students are busy creating Movies for their Inquiry based Unit around inventions and Movies for the 60 second science competition. The grade 5 & 6 students are also participating in the  Student Blogging Challenge . They are building up some great skills. The grade 3 & 4 students are doing their research on the ipads using the Internet, Explain Everything and Google Drive. Google Drive is great for shared iPads because students can access Google Drive from Explain Everything to save or open documents.

Printing.....does anyone print? Fingerprint for the Mac allows idevices to print through the Mac to non airprint printers.

Meraki - web interface runs alongside and in conjunction with configurator. It can send notifications to iPads and check battery charging, push updates and more.

Jenny is using Book Creator and adding pics/video from gallery via dropbox sharing. Sending the book to dropbox so all can then download to their ibooks shelf.

Programming Apps -

Cargo BotBeeBot,Hopscotch,Daisy the Dino, SNAP, Koder, Catos hike (Computer Science Teacher a blog with reviews of some block programming tools)

Up and coming Events

™ Melb past and present Thurs May 14th  @ Melb Library

ICTEV 25th May 25th

RUConnected #61 Globally
March 09, 2013 04:45 PM PST

Lois and Jenny discuss the folowing -

Skype Around the World No. 2 http://24hourskype2013.wikispaces.com/space/menu

In the Skype Around the World 15 schools participated with grade 5/6 at Epsom Primary School in Australia and spoke about values- things V qualities as some schools were thinking -  What do you value? and others What values do you follow in your school? The Epsom Grade 5/6 skyped over a 24 hour time period and stayed over at school so they could speak to other schools in different time zones. Web 2.0 used Google Forms, wiki, maps, spreadsheet, email, twitter, skype Video from Eastwood  Skype now free for teachers up to 10 on video hook up - perhaps want to compete G-hangouts, need to apply for a code.

Alice 3.1 - Free 3D program from Carnegie Mellon University, sponsored by Oracle Learning to program with Alice Teaching with Alice PPT Alice a new generation of Programmers

ACARA draft doc -  points eg. Level 2.5 pg 74 Level 4.5 pg78 Level 6.7 pg 83 Draft doc open for comments now, have you read it?


Less is best? Our 5 essentials are still what I would go with. No new apps.

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